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The Advantages of Oak as Home Furnishings

raw oak wooden blanks for summitier wine tumbler hanging shelves

The Advantages of Oak and Why it is a Home Staple in Furniture and Woodworking

Creating Home Furnishings that last as long as your wine collection.

February 7, 2019

By: Zach

oak shelving blanks for summitier wine cup racks
raw oak for wine cup racks

Oak is Rustic and Long Lasting

Oak has a very distinct grain and texture that can be instantly recognized by most woodworkers.  Those lines and curves can be easy brought to life by a variety of stains or left in its natural state.  Either way, it remains beautiful and untarnished. Depending on what parameter of wood strength you are measuring, oak is upper bottom half overall compared to other North American Hardwoods.  Its hardness factor is what really stands out to most other wood species. That being said it can take a beating over and over without stress. This is one of the reasons we chose oak to build our custom wine cup shelves.  It can handle the repeated impact from the magnetic steel cups.

Oak In the Home Is the Perfect Interior Finish

Tannins are a chemical substance found in many species of plants.  They bind well with proteins and starches, are insoluble, and resistant to decomposition.  These compounds protect oak from insects and fungus and reflect water therefore, making it all too suitable for long lasting home furnishings.  

caterpillar crawling on wooden railing

Coming Soon to the Summitier Store

Shortly, we will launch our first two versions of our wine tumbler shelving racks.  These allow the stemless tumblers to be fixed magnetically to the oak shelf. Versatility is our goal.  You can mount the shelves under cabinets, on walls, in you RV or wherever your imagination takes you. Thus, creating a safe stowage for you wine tumblers to hang hassle free and conveniently within reach. Be sure to subscribe for the latest release!