Trade your old schedule for a new and improved time schedule

Don’t Have Time To Make It To The Gym?

This article is meant for those running short on time to make it to the gym or getting started with an at home workout routine.  Maximizing the time spent with family and personal excellence is our goal. …
From Procrastination to Productivity

5 Steps You Can Take Now to Increase Productivity

5 Steps You Can Take Now To Increase Productivity Steps You Can Take To Immediately Start Getting the Most Out of Your Time March 18, 2020 -This article is meant to aid in spending less time on your daily routine to help maximize the efficiency of your day.  In the end the goal is to …
Green Drinks for St. Patty's Day Green Tequila Cocktail with Apple Pucker for the holidays

3 Simple to Make Green Colored Drinks For St. Patrick’s Day

3 Green Cocktails for the Occasion Green Sour Apple Tequila Cocktail Green Sour Apple Tequila Cocktail Ingredients: Tequila Silver Apple Pucker Lemon/Lime Soda Fresh Apple (optional) Muddle up some apples.  This one is nice with some apple chunks to chew on.  Shake together equal parts tequila and apple pucker along with the apple mush.  Pour …
raw oak wooden blanks for summitier wine tumbler hanging shelves

The Advantages of Oak as Home Furnishings

The Advantages of Oak and Why it is a Home Staple in Furniture and Woodworking Creating Home Furnishings that last as long as your wine collection. February 7, 2019 By: Zach Oak is Rustic and Long Lasting Oak has a very distinct grain and texture that can be instantly recognized by most woodworkers.  Those lines …
Miter saw taking the first cut on some poplar wood for Summitier's new project

At Summitier We are Always Building Something

At Summitier We are Always Building Something December 22, 2018 By: Zach Making the First Cut So we only have one product.. That is about to change.  Right now Casey is working on the creation of a simple but effective home accessory to compliment our 12 oz wine tumblers.  Yes, it is wood (Poplar and …