At Summitier We are Always Building Something

December 22, 2018

By: Zach

Miter saw taking the first cut on some poplar wood for Summitier's new project

Making the First Cut

So we only have one product.. That is about to change.  Right now Casey is working on the creation of a simple but effective home accessory to compliment our 12 oz wine tumblers.  Yes, it is wood (Poplar and Oak options) and yes that’s all I am going to tell you 🙂

Staying warm in the Summitier workshop keeps production up into the night

It’s Not Something From a Horror Film

Although, it may look scary it gets cold in the winter.  This is the makeshift heated workshop to battle the elements allowing production to continue late into the night.  Pump some heat into the plastic tent and… Good to go.

The poor glue gun couldn't handle the workload and gave up with a blast of black smoke

Now that is scary…

Poor little glue gun couldn’t take it so it decided to gasp out some black smoke.  That’s not gonna stop us from cruising on.

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