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Summitier Vision for Our Business


To create the best products for you!  Focusing on usability, versatility, strength of materials, functionality, and finding solutions to the everyday hurdles we try so hard to not worry about.  Creating solutions is in our blood and we want to share those solutions with you!  Keep in mind that our team is working 24 hours a day to improve existing products and create new simple ways to provide value to your everyday life and the not so everyday journey you take to fulfill that unique path we call life.


Summitier was not born, it was forged through hard work and perseverance to continue to beat the competition and work harder than the rest in order to deliver a product line that raises the bar for quality in customer experience and simplicity.  Whenever you order from Summitier.com, have the piece of mind that our team will do everything in our power to deliver the products we promise with exceptional customer support and care.

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Stay up to date on the current events of Summitier and where our focus is.  Feel free to converse, comment, and join the conversation of our blog posts and discussions.  We value the benefits of a close knit community of like minded individuals who stand together for the benefit of each other and our vision.


Right now our team is a 2 man workforce.  Casey is the muscle behind the operation.  Engineering, developing, and testing new products that will combat the stresses of time, weather, and the unpredictability of life.  Zach is the creator, designer, and curator of our brand and the customer relationships we pursue.  Together we compete to outperform each other and maybe overstep the bounds of a sound business relationship.  That’s what makes us driven to continually raise the bar for our brand and reach a new tier of success, quality, and workmanship each and every day.

Summitier Team Members
Summitier's Belief and Ethos


Trust, community, purpose.  Reaching the summit is the ultimate goal.  There are stepping stones, ridges, valleys, outcroppings, unforeseen obstacles, diversity, and animosity to reaching that summit.  Each step we take, each tier we reach.  The next tier, higher than the last.  Without each other and without the momentum we gain through teamwork we cannot reach that goal.  Join our journey in becoming a Summitier.